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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency.  It can be used just like the money in your pocket.  Let's learn more about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in this section.

Where do I buy Bitcoin?


It felt like it took us forever to buy our first Bitcoin.  Learn more about where, and how, to buy in this section.

Where do I keep my Bitcoin? How do I keep it Secure?

Bitcoin is kept in wallets, just like regular money.  We will teach you how to get started using wallets and the options available to you.  We also go into security and how to keep your Bitcoin safe!

How do I spend or shop with my Bitcoin?

What do you do with your cryptocurrencies?  Just like paper currency, you can save it, invest, or spend it!  Find out more about how to use the digital currency.

Can I day trade or swing trade Bitcoin?

Of course you can, and we can help show you how.  Learn trading basics and advanced techniques here.

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Cryptocurrencies and Alt-Coins (Such as Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin and all others) are volatile products.  The information and advice provided here is our own and we are not responsible for any losses you may incur from our services.